I have a face. I have a name. I have a story. And I have a journey that is nowhere near complete. I have survived abuse, loss, and sadness. My pain is no more and no less than that of any other person. This is simply my journey to a better me through hope and faith that there is a reason for everything even though I can’t see it yet.

This is where the truth will show- the ugly truth, the whole truth, the raw emotions, the questioning, the crying, the anger, and the sadness. This is the human condition at its most vulnerable. True, I have chosen to protect my spirit by hiding behind an alias because on this road I am not yet ready  to connect my face with my story. There is still too much pain and fear to take that leap; but it will come-with time and healing.

My thoughts will not make complete sense at times nor will they come in order. That is the beauty of healing- there is no order. There is no timeline or time limit. It can be fast; it can be slow. It can back-track; it can come to a complete halt before moving forward. Digging into buried wounds has no method or rules, only the inherent need for healing and peace however that may come.

Why am I doing this? -because I know there must be at least one person in this wide, wide world who will relate. If my life (and all the sorrow it contains) was created for no other reason than to touch that one soul, I am determined to do just that.


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